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Sequoia sempervirens
Western USA



We have a regular supply of Redwood decking, dimensional Lumber etc...
Prices fluctuate greatly. Please call for current pricing

Dimension S4S stock availability is currently fluctuating, call for availability.

Redwood Burl Bowl Blanks - $ 4.02 per lbs

Sizes range from 2" to 12" thick and from 6 x 6 to 30" x 30"
From 3 lbs Bowl blanks to 120 lbs Bowl blanks
Please call for descriptions - Some have bark inclusions, some have live edge,
some are more burl, some more curl, some both, some lace figure, some Birdseye etc...
We want to get you that perfect Chunk you have been looking for :)

Redwood Burl Slabs & Clear All Heart Slabs
Sizes range from 2" to 4" Thick - from 2' to 4' wide and from 2' to 8' long

Burl Slabs can vary greatly in size / shape from one end of the board to the other -
Please call for current inventory and for a description of the slabs - Thankyou.





Assumed, Wood Working Properties & Specifications


Sequoia sempervirens (D. Don) Endl.


The genus Sequoia is represented by one species (S. sempervirens). A related tree, the giant sequoia (Sequoiadenrdon giganteum) is also called redwood, big tree or giant redwood. The word sequoia was selected to honor Sequoyah (also spelled Sequoia), or George Guess (1770?-1843), Native American inventor of the Cherokee alphabet. The name was unexplained by its author, an Austrian linguist and botanist. The name sempervirens means evergreen.

Other Common Names: Amerikansk sekvoja, California cedar, California redwood, Californische redwood, coast redwood, corla, giant-of-the-forest, Humboldt redwood, ledwood, Mexican cherry, palo colorado, pin rouge d'ambrique, pin rouge d'Amerique, pino rosso d'america, redwood, sequoia, sequoia de California, sequoia roja, sequoia rossa, sequoia toujours vert, sequoie, vavona, vavona burr.

Distribution: Redwood is native to the Pacific Coast region from extreme southwestern Oregon (Curry County) south to central California (Monterey County).

The Tree: Redwood trees reach heights of 200 to 300 feet, with diameters of 6 to 12 feet. The record is 376 feet tall, with a 20 foot diameter and an age of 2,200 years, and represents the world's tallest tree.

General Wood Characteristics: The sapwood of is white, while the heartwood is a dark reddish brown. The heartwood has no characteristic odor or taste. It has exceptionally straight grain, high dimensional stability and is resistant to warping. It is moderately strong in bending, strong in endwise compression, stiff, moderately low in shock resistance and holds paint well.

Working Properties: Redwood works easily with both hand and machine tools, with little dulling effect on tools. It planes well, provided the cutters are sharp and it splinters easily when working on the end grain. It holds nails well, and paints and finishes satisfactorily. It also stains well, but glues best with alkaline adhesives.

Durability: Redwood is rated as resistant to very resistant to heartwood decay.

Preservation: Redwood is moderately resistant to preservative treatments.

Uses: High value building construction, heavy beams, bridge timbers, planks, siding, sash, doors, veneer, furniture, cooling equipment, plywood, pulping, particle board, shakes, shingles, grape stakes, posts and novelties (from burl wood).

Toxicity: Working with redwood may cause allergic reactions






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