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Pink Ivory
Berchemia zeyheri
South Africa

4/4 lumber - PAD - $ 18.00 per lbs

8/4 lumber - PAD - $ 18.00 per lbs

12/4 - 16/4 - 20/4 lumber - PAD - $ 18.00 per lbs

Bowl Blanks $ 13.00 to $ 16.00 per/lbs - limited quantities...

Turning Squares - PAD - $ 13.00 to $ 16.00 per/lbs

Squares are various random sizes 3/4" x 3/4" and larger x Various random lengths

See the News & Specials page for the $ 100 small Sqr Paks - While available :o)

Please inquire for availability and sizes desired & Current Prices




Assumed, Wood Working Properties & Specifications


Pink Ivory

Rhamnus spp. Rhamnaceae


The genus Rhamnus contains over 100 species native to: North America [5], the rest from the north temperate regions, South America and South Africa. Many non-native species have been naturalized in the US. The name rhamnus is an ancient Greek name.
Rhamnus alaternus Mediterranean Buckthorn (Europe)
Rhamnus alpinus Alpine Buckthorn (Europe)
Rhamnus betulifolia Birchleaf Buckthorn
Rhamnus californica California Buckthorn, California Coffeeberry, Coast Coffeeberry, Coffeeberry, Pigeonberry, Sierra Coffeeberry
Rhamnus caroliniana Alder Buckthorn, Birch Bog, Brittlewood, Buckthorn-tree, Carolina Buckthorn, Elbow-brush, Indian Cherry, Pale- cat-wood, Polecat-tree, Polecatwood, Stinkberry, Stink Cherry, Stinkwood, Tree Buckthorn, Yellow Buckthorn, Yellowwood
Rhamnus catharticus Common Buckthorn, European Buckthorn, European Waythorn, Purgin Buckthorn
Rhamnus crocea California Redberry, Coffeeberry, Evergreen Buckthorn, Great Redberry Buckthorn, Hollyleaf Buckthorn, Island Buckthorn, Island Redberry Buckthorn, Redberry, Redberry Buckthorn
Rhamnus frangula (Europe) Alder Buckthorn, Glossy Buckthorn
Rhamnus purshiana* Bayberry, Bearberry, Bearwood, Bitterbark, Bitterboom, Bittertrad, Buckthorn Cascara, California Coffee, Cascara, Cascara Buckthorn, Cascara Sagrada, Chitam, Chittam, Chittern, Chittim, Coffeeberry, Coffeebush, Coffeetree, Oregon Bearwood, Pigeonberry, Shittimwood, Wahoo, Western Coffee, Wild Cherry, Wild Coffee, Wild Coffeebush, Yellow-wood
Rhamnus zeyheri (Africa) Pink Ivory, Red Ivorywood
*commercial American species
The following is for Cascara Buckthorn:

Distribution: The Pacific Coast region from British Columbia (incl. Vancouver Island), south to Washington, Oregon and northern California in Coast Ranges and the Sierra Nevada. Also in the Rocky Mountain region of British Columbia, Washington Idaho and Montana.

The Tree: Cascara Buckthorn grows in bottom lands, but can be found along fence rows and roadsides. It grows scattered among Douglas fir, maples, western redcedar and hemlock. It grows to a height of 40 feet, with a diameter of 1.5 feet. The bark is thin, thick and smooth, developing brown to gray scales.

The Wood
General: The sapwood of Cascara Buckthorn is yellowish white, while the heartwood is similar but with a red tinge. It is without characteristic odor or taste, is hard and heavy.

Working Properties: Not available at this time.

Durability: Not available at this time.

Preservation: Not available at this time.

Uses: Posts, turnery, furniture parts, novelties, bark and wood extract used for laxative.

Toxicity: Bark and fruits are poisonous, sap causes dermatitis






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