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Mesquite Burl
Prosopis glandulos
United States of America



Turning Blanks $5.50 per lbs

Squares and blanks available.

Many sizes available, also whole Burl ( BIG ) sections, please inquire.

This is one of the most stable woods in the world.






Assumed, Wood Working Properties & Specifications

Family: Leguminosae

Prosopis glandulos


Mesquite (the genus Prosopis) is represented by about 45 species of trees and shrubs native to North America, Central/South America and Africa/Asia. The word prosopis is an ancient Greek plant name, used by Dioscorides apparently for burdock. Only trees are included in the following list.

North American species

Prosopis glandulosa-Algaroba, bilayati kikar, common mesquite, cuji, honey locust, honey mesquite, honey-pod, ibapiguazu, inesquirte, ironwood, mesquite, screwbean, Torrey mesquite, wawahi, western honey mesquite.

Prosopis pubescens-Mescrew, screwbean, screwbean mesquite, screw-pod mesquite, scrub mesquite, tornillo.

Prosopis velutina-Mesquite, velvet mesquite.

The Tree:
Prosopis glandulosa reaches heights of 40 ft (16 m), with diameters of 10 inches (25 cm) to 4 ft (1.2 m).

The Wood

Prosopis glandulosa: The sapwood is a lemon yellow, while the heartwood is a deep reddish brown. The wood is dense, close grained, very hard and heavy, but somewhat brittle. It is exceedingly resistant to heartwood decay, with a thin sapwood. It contains high concentrations of tannins.

Mechanical Properties:
Specific gravity
Dry 0.819d

Percentage of shrinkage
(green to final moisture content)

Drying and Shrinkage:
Tangential 3.2 1.4 0.14
Radial 1.6 0.72 0.09
Volumetric 4.8 2.12 0.23

Kiln Drying Schedules: No information available at this time.

Working Properties:
Works easily with most tools and finishes smoothly, takes a high polish. Preboring is necessary for nailing.

Mesquite is rated as very resistant to heartwood decay.

Buildings, cabinetry, turnery, posts, charcoal, fuel, railway crossties, paving blocks.

Dermatitis has been reported for P. glandulosa, possibly due to an alkaloid, prospinine.







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