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Madrone Burl - Pacific
Arbutus Menziesii
USA & Cananda


Madrone Burl Slabs $ 3.25 per/lbs

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Assumed, Wood Working Properties & Specifications

Arbutus spp.


The genus Arbutus contains about 15 species with 5 in North America and about 10 in Europe and western Asia.

Arbutus arizonica Arizona Madrone Arizona Madrono, Madrona
Arbutus menziesii* Arbuti Tree, Coast Madrone, Laurel, Laurelwood, Madrona, Madrona Burr, *commercial species

Madrone, Madrone Laurel, Madrone Tree, Madrono, Madrona, Manzanita, Pacific Madrone, Strawberry-tree
Arbutus texana Laurel, Madrona, Madrone, Madrone Tree, Manzanita, Texas Madrone, Texas Madrono
Arbutus unedo Strawberry Tree (Europe)

The following data is for Arbutus menziesii:

Distribution: Southwestern British Columbia and southward through Washington, Oregon and California in the coastal mountains.

The Tree: Pacific Madrone grows to 80 feet tall, with diameters of 2 to 3 feet. It has orange branches with shiny leaves, small white flowers in clusters and orange red fruits.

The Wood
General: Pacific Madrone sapwood is a pinkish-cream color, while the heartwood is light pink to red-brown with patches of deep red. It resembles fruit woods in color and texture.

Working Properties: Pacific Madrone works well with all tools and polishes well, but is not easily glued. The wood is easily worked with tools and compares with hard maple and eastern white oak in ease of machining (3). Work at FPL (14) indicates that rotary cutting of veneer is feasible.

Durability: The wood is not very durable, fence posts had an average service life of 6 years on the untreated condition (7).

Preservation: No information available at this time.

Uses: Turnery, bowls, novelties, souvenirs, tool handles, mathematical instruments, furniture and bowls. Burls are used for pipes and decorative veneers. Charcoal for gunpowder.

Toxicity: No information available at this time.

Pacific Madrone is difficult to season, as it warps and checks easily. Schedules for drying the wood green from the saw have been published.







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