These pens were created by a local Master Craftswoman :)

You can smell the Thuya pens from about 2' away.


From left to right:

Buckeye Burl - Bocote - Goldfield Eucalyptus Burl -
Buckeye Burl - Goldfield Eucalyptus Burl - Masur Burch -
Madrone Burl - Bocote - Buckeye Burl - Masur Birch -
Goldfield Eucalyptus Burl - Big leaf maple Burl :)=

All with natural finish to show off the grain,
coloring & figure





Snakewood & Thuya Burr



Amboyna Burl



Maple Burl



Pink Ivory



Thuya Burr


All works have been created by

Master Turner

Lady: Gallery B


United States of America

Most Excellent - Indeed ! ! !