Jarrah Burl Saturn :)-


Eucalyptus Burls


Rose Myrtle Burl - Blackwood Rosewood


Mesquite Burl :)-


Mesquite Burl :)-


Maple Burl :)-


American Myrtle Burl


Mesquite Burl

No finish on these puppies & looking awesome


Buckeye Burl - No finish on this bad boy :)=


Mesquite Burl - Finished


Maple Burl Vase




Manzanita Burls :)-


Spanish Olivewood - both pieces came from the same Board...


Manzanita Burls - Before & After :)=


Manzanita Burls :)-


T Borr - Master Turner

Multiple turnings of
Chechen Burl, Amboyna Burl, Maple Burl, Locust and Walnut.


Afzalia Burl - Centerpiece


Pink Ivory with spalted sapwood


Chechen Burl


All In The Wrist  :)

Mesquite Burl - Ouch !


Buckeye Burl - That is not small - Ouch ! ! !

1 Whole Piece




All works above & Below are the works of

Master Turner Sir: T Borr


Most Excellent Indeed ! ! !





Manzanita Burls