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NIce Burl



Pimento Bowl is 6" x 24" :)


That Briar bowl on the scale in the first picture up above, turned into this cup and saucer you see sitting
on the Pimento All Spice Burl bowl


This 6" high x 24" diameter Pimento Allspice Burl bowl
( Pimento Officianallis ) Dan made from one of our
burl slabs around 1989. You can still see
the pink and Yellow Streaks.






Titled - The Word

This carving was made from a slab of Rum Cherry -
This scan does not do the carving justice :(




Titled - The Woodsman

This was made from a chunk of African Mahogany.
The Woodsman is eating an apple :)

These works were created by a local Master Craftsman
Dr. M Brophy