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Cornus spp.
United States of America

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Assumed, Wood Working Properties & Specifications

Cornus florida Cornaceae

Flowering Dogwood

The genus Cornus contains about 40 species which grow in the northern temperate regions of the world. The name cornus is derived from the Latin name of the type species Cornus mas L., Cornelian-cherry of Europe, from the word for horn (cornu), referring to the hardness of the wood.

The following is for Flowering Dogwood:

Distribution: North America, from Maine to New York, Ontario, Michigan, Illinois and Missouri south to Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas east to Florida.

The Tree: Flowering dogwood is well known for its white flower clusters with large white bracts opening in the spring. The fall foliage is bright red. It is a slow growing tree which attains a height of 40 feet and a diameter of 16 inches. The bark looks like reddish brown alligator skin. It grows best along streams and in well drained soils.

The Wood:
General: The sapwood of dogwood is wide and creamy in color, while the heartwood is reddish brown to brown, sometimes streaked in white. The wood has a fine, uniform texture with a hard compact interlocked grain.

Working Properties: Dogwood can be sawn, planed and turned easily and takes a glossy finish.

Durability: Susceptible to deterioration, due to large percentage of heartwood.

Preservation: No information available at this time.

Uses: Weaving shuttles, spool and bobbin heads, small pulleys, skewers, golf club heads, tool handles, charcoal for gunpowder, red dye from bark of roots, stem bark has medicinal properties.

Toxicity: No information at this time.







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